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Company Profile

CashBack Capital Microfinance Limited (CashBack Capital) is a finance company registered and licensed by the Bank of Ghana.  We provide investment, personal loans as well as microfinance (i.e. microcredit and microsavings) services to individuals, small groups in business and to SMEs.

CashBack Capital’s seasoned and well-qualified team of professionals has the requisite experience and dedication to provide comprehensive advisory services across a broad range of sectors.  Further, we offer free upskilling and capacity-building workshops to our clients – setting us apart in the market.  We create solid relationships through personalized service and work with you to achieve exceptional results.


Our overarching objective is to deepen financial intermediation primarily within the informal sector as well as improve the dismal financial inclusion statistics in Ghana.

It is our desire to also offer compelling value propositions as well as relevant financial products and services to our clients.  It is the long-term vision of CashBack Capital to grow this business along the value chain to become a commercial bank.


CashBack Capital’s mission is to provide quality and affordable financial services.  Through our firm adherence to financial and credit discipline, depositors’ funds are not only safeguarded but will also generate appreciable returns.  We will also support individuals and business entities with capital to grow their business and operate with greater efficiency.

Ultimately, we seek to empower people to make the choices that best serve their needs by creating sustainable, financial channels and structures that ensure consistent improvements in their lives.  To achieve this, CashBack Capital has the objective of increasing household incomes for micro and small-enterprise ventures of low-income groups, women and workers as well as improving their financial literacy.

Women’s empowerment, education, housing and health issues are amongst our focus areas in supporting the communities in which we operate and we would have experts on-board to support our clients with the economic welfare of their households.